Speaker & Host

As you may have read from other pages on this website, I have been fortunate to have spent most of my working life influencing, persuading and protecting reputations, either from a stage, on line, or via broadcast media.

This has given me a wealth of experience, insight, and some fabulous techniques, to create the perfect open minded and receptive atmosphere for your audience, either on stage or in a virtual situation.

As you can see from other areas of this website, there is an ‘art’ to audience handling which can make the difference between memorable success and instantly forgotten failure.

I use many years experience to impeccably host your next important conference, ensuring you are in very safe hands.

My reputation is based on a deep understanding of both the psychology behind successful events and the skills in preparation and on-stage delivery.

It’s also important to create a relationship with your audience. This comes from advance research, working closely with  conference and event organisers and tailoring content to be most effective.

My work has taken me to most parts of the world, helping organisations to connect to internal and external audiences