Being Comfortable on Camera – the insiders secrets

For many years on both radio and television my role was to get the most out of interviewees, searching out the story and digging to get the facts.

From Global Politicians and international superstars to local heroes and business spokespeople, I used well-honed and effective techniques to search out the truth.

That insight and (nearly 40 years!) experience now helps my clients achieve success in media appearances or virtual meetings worldwide.

From preparing for that first interview through to crafting a crisis response, and having an office or home studio that looks and feels professional, I can guide, support, and nurture at every stage.

With a unique and highly effective approach which not only covers Content (what you say) and Delivery (how you say it) the Technical Equipment needed, but more importantly, your Mindset (feeling totally comfortable) when you are in that hot seat in front of the camera and microphone.

For any spokesperson confidence is your key to success and I would be delighted to give both insight and techniques to ensure your message is clearly heard.

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