Past Experience

My Journey

As a speaker, host and coach, I am fortunate to work with some of the best organisations in the world and their inspirational business leaders. Whilst the communication challenges are often similar, different cultures and countries all have their uniqueness and so every day is different and helping people to grow is a great honour.

Occasionally I’m asked where my career started and it surprises most people when I reply ‘I wanted to be an auctioneer since the age of three’! The only way to get into that world at the time was to become a surveyor so that is what I did. However, always up for some fun I set up as a DJ in the evenings and at weekends.

It wasn’t long before the glamour of the DJ world took over and I travelled to Europe to work in nightclubs – very long hours but for a young guy an exciting time. After a couple of years I returned to the UK and ran nightclubs here until an opportunity arose to work in commercial radio which was the start of my broadcasting career!


From the early days of commercial radio to the legitimacy of becoming a BBC broadcaster and then on to TV for both the BBC and commercial channels, it was a fascinating and hugely important time to learn about audiences and audience influencing and persuading which helped me so much in what I do today. Over the last fifteen years , coaching and presenting has formed the core of what I do. Every stage of my career so far has been about understanding and communicating to audiences.

These unique life experiences, in many different circumstances, enable me to bring a distinctive approach to support and serve my clients.