Coach & Mentor

If you ask any top sportsperson if they could achieve their dreams without the support and benefit of a coach the answer would be a resounding NO!

For many years it has been recognised that the right support, with the right person will deliver the crucial difference between success and failure.

It’s only recently though that enlightened business leaders have seen the value of coaching sessions if they want to achieve the success they deserve.

Working with a good coach is a mark of ambition and success – not an admittance of weakness!

Let’s face it, the ability to influence and persuade all of those around you is a vital skill, both in the working world and increasingly in our personal lives.

Top leaders and future leaders need to invest time and effort into developing their capacity to be great communicators if they wish to have ‘the edge’.

Jon Hammond one to one coaching has simply been described by a global leader as the best investment I ever made!



It often starts with a relaxed confidential (no cost/no obligation) pre-session meeting face to face or online (Zoom/Teams/Skype) to ensure the chemistry is right.


We then create a coaching ‘journey’ with a series of milestones to both measure success by and reflect on, as well as establishing a clear understanding of what the ideal ‘destination’ looks like .

Coaching sessions come next and are normally around three hours. They can be held more or less anywhere (even on one memorable occasion in-flight across the Atlantic!)



Business leaders and individuals from many walks of life have gained personal and competitive advantage by working with Jon.

This is demonstrated in the fact that the vast majority of our work is a result of referral and recommendation

Coaching sessions are the opportunity to reflect, review and then put into action with the support of someone who has ‘been there, done it and got the T Shirt’!

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